Flux's Auth Service

Allowing Developers to add auth to their programs with ease

Site still in development, not all features are working. Registration is closed right now.

What is this?

A service for people that want to sell their programs, keep track of their users and protect their files

  • Secure Encryption Methods
  • Secure Signature Method (Combat reverse & debugging proxies. i.e Fiddler)
  • 24/7 Email + Ticket Support
  • Easy to setup and implement into your program


User Management

Secure Protection

Easy Setup

Quick Support

How it works

You get a easy and simlpe to use User Panel that allows you to add an auth to your program. You're able to control your users and you can even setup when you want their licenses to expire.

Installation Service

We provide you with a installation service, so if you're unable to implement our auth into your program on your own, then we are here to help!

Getting Started